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17th Dec 2018, 10:38 AM
Fun Times has Updated with a New Chapter, Welcome to Moonstrider, Luna's Home World! This Page was extremely hard and would not have been possible without my Best Friend / Sister Katie West. We Worked Side by Side for a Week on this and I'm SO happy I can finally show you all! I also have an Important Announcement with this Update. As of right now, Fun Times is on Hiatus. The Main Reason is because I literally have N0 Buffer left. All the Pages I had Pre Drawn are already Posted, so I need time to get a Good Sized Buffer Built Up. I'd Prefer to do this Unrushed.

Luna's World causes me a lot of Stress because of it's Complexity and also I'm a Perfectionist. Luna is loosely based off of me but she has evolved into her own person and she really means a lot to me so I need time to really get myself together and show my Art is Improving so I can do Justice to Luna's World. Also, I'm exhausted. I know that you can't exactly learn a Work Ethic just by Updating your Comic but Fun Time's has taught me a lot about myself. Like maybe I can actually Finish a Work if I keep Working as hard as I have. It's also taught me how to keep a Schedule and I'm pretty proud of myself for learning those things on only my First Comic.

As a result of Keeping this Going for 2 years Straight and for the 1st year Updating every Friday at 5 A. M. and only having 1 Hiatus I am Mentally and Physically Exhausted and need to Catch Up on Sleep, Clear my Mind, and relax. Just because I don't Update does NOT mean I'm not Working on Fun Times. I'm always Behind the Scenes, Drawing and Writing and Tinkering away on it. Volume 2 WILL happen. But I want it to be better than Volume 1!

There is also a few things I'd like to get done at home. One main thing is Clean my House. I've let the house go for too long Due to Fun Times and I tend to Work better in a Clean Enviroment. You would cry for me if you seen how much is in my house but I could probably Concentrate and Focus more if the house was Cleaned, so it needs to be done. Among that I'd like to Work on my Patreon and get the Fun Times Alternate Story Launched on there like I Promised. I really need to Promote and Work on my Patreon.

And with Managing all of this I've been Struggling with Anxiety and Depression along with a Personal Issue that is draining me. Fun Times has showed me a lot of problems I have with my Art and things I need to Work on. Like I have Issues with Perspective and also I need to make Pages more Interesting and I'm just Depressed and Wonder if I'll ever get my Art to where it needs to go. I've been looking at Colleges but I can't afford it and even if I could the Art College I want to go to would never Accept me because I'm probably not good enough. I'd Love to go to either MCAD ( Minneapolis College of Art and Design ) or SCAD ( Savannah College of Art and Design) I would Work my Ass Off to Dedicate Myself to my Craft and Prove Myself but the Future is Uncertain so I don't know.

I would like to Reboot Fun Times because there are some things I'd like to Rewrite but I would only do it if my Art and Writing Dramatically Improved.

Most Importantly, My Aunt Eula has Passed Away Recently. I won't go into all of our Family Drama, but I Loved my Aunt. She was (and still is) a Creative Figure that I Looked Up to in my Family that gave me Daily Inspiration. She Handcrafted Beautiful Pieces of Jewelry for me and my mother, she Handpainted Mindblowing Woodwork and Collected One of a Kind Figures. She was Similar to me in that way and we Bonded over the Years because of that. I didn't get to Formally Express to her the Impact she had on my Imagination and the Wonder she brought to me through her Beautiful Jewelry and Handpainted Pieces. Now I can't because she's gone. So, I just need time to think things through. One thing I do know...she would want me to Finish Fun Times, seeing how she was a Hard Worker and Believed in doing what you Love. Fun Times isn't going anywhere and you can rest on that. I just need a Break to Draw more Pages.

Anyway, that's just what's been floating in my head for awhile. I'll be Posting a Blog on When Fun Times will Update and things to look Forward to. Thank You All for the Support and Stay Tuned!
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I'm sure you'll get your art to where you want it to be, as long as you keep working hard. You can do it. :)

16th Aug 2017, 6:43 AM edit delete reply

Thank You, SoulFury! Your Support means a lot. I'm not giving up! Just need time to Draw Pages and Work through things. :)

18th Aug 2017, 6:18 PM edit delete reply

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