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Page 84
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in A Day In The Woods

17th Dec 2018, 9:38 AM
Fun Times has Updated with the Last Page in this Chapter! Antannae, Zink, Hipster, and Rainbow Blue Decide to go through the Portal, unwittingly embarking on the Adventure of a Lifetime! What will be waiting for them on the other side of the Portal? Antannae is still a Reluctant Boy that is Unsure of himself. Will he have to find his Courage on the other side of that Portal? Tune in to the All New Next Chapter "Moonstrider" to find these things out!

Ok, first up is I'm going to need at least a One - Week or Two - Week Hiatus before the New Chapter Starts. A few reasons is because I need New Batteries for my Computer Mouse and Inking Pens and I can Only get them when I can Afford it. Most Importantly I'd like to get a few Pages Done ahead of Schedule. This is a Hard Chapter for me so I'll need a little more time to get a Page Done.

There will Probably be a Two - Page Update Today, so be sure to Jump Forward to Check Out the Next Page. When the Cover Page for Moonstrider goes Up I'll have Info on Ghost Lantern: Spring Issue #1 Thanks for the Support and Keep a Lookout for an Update Soon!
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