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Page 83
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in A Day In The Woods

17th Dec 2018, 9:38 AM
Heeeey Realm Hoppers! Fun Times has Updated, Page 83 is OUT! Will the Gang Decide to Track Dragor and go through the Portal? Keep Reading to Find Out!

First Up, there is Only One More Page left in this Chapter. After that I'll be Ordering New Inking Pens before I Start on the Next Chapter. So, it may be a bit before I Update, but there WILL be one! I just have to wait until my New Pens Arrive so I ask that you Please be Patient.

You all get to Meet a New Character in the Next Chapter which means this Next Chapter will be Hard for me, so Please be Patient with me getting Pages Up, because I want them to be their best!

When the New Chapter Starts I will be Announcing my Art Book "Ghost Lantern: Spring Issue #1" so Keep a Look Out for that!

Thanks for the Support and Stay Tuned!
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