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Page 79
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in A Day In The Woods

17th Dec 2018, 9:38 AM
Fun Times has Updated, a Page of Fun Times is Up! Meet Antannae's Mom! Little does he realize he won't be seeing her again for awhile.

I tried to make this Page Interesting and their little dog is a Dedication to my Brittany Spaniel I Lost a year ago. I Love and Miss Her. <3

Update ° I've Decided to take my Artbook Down and Correct a Few things. One Main thing is the Size. It's meant to be a Light Zine and not so Big or Thick, so I've took a few things out of it to make it more Me and Original and make it better in the Long Run. Also to hopefully Print better. So I will Update you all on when the New Zine is out! Believe me, it's better this way.

Also, I have had a Bad Birthday and Week so Fun Times Probably won't Update this Week. I need to Focus on the Artbook / Artzine until I know it's done right. I do have a Page done so hopefully I can Update Soon, I'll Keep you Posted!
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