FUN TIMES - Chapter Cover

Chapter Cover
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in A Day In The Woods

17th Dec 2018, 9:38 AM
Fun Times has Updated, a New Chapter Starts Today! Antannae and Zink unwittingly begin an Adventure of a Lifetime when they decide to Track Dragor! What will happen? Keep Reading! Extremely Sorry for it taking so long to Update! There's an Explanation. Hopefully now Updates will be more Regular! The reason it took so long to Update is because I've been Working hard on becoming a Self Published Author. I also, now have a Art Book / One Shot Zine that will be Out Soon! Ghost Lantern will be a 50 Page, Full Color Artbook that will Feature my Best and Favorite Work. It is a light Portfolio. It Contains Full Color Art, Writing, and the Most Recent Chapter of Fun Times with Antannae and Zink.

I will Update you all on when it's Released! Hopefully now things are calming down and I can focus on Fun Times. I also, Work slow. I believe when it comes to an Artform, that you should slow down and nurture your Work. I Created Fun Times to Grow Artistically and also for Experience so I'm trying to pay attention to Detail more. I Work better and notice little things in my Art when I slow down. I'm trying to show I'm Improving and Learning as I go. So, Updates will ALWAYS come it's just some may take more time than Anticipated. Stay Tuned and Thanks for Support!
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