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17th Dec 2018, 9:38 AM
Fun Times has Updated with a Two Page Update!

Antannae recounts the run-in with Dragor to Zink while meeting two new allies. What will Antannae, Zink, and the gang decide to do about Dragor? Keep Reading!

This Chapter is near the end! There are literally only two more Pages to go up. When they go up, I'll be resting for a bit. I need to recharge and reflect on how far I've come along on Fun Times. After I'm rested, I'll be working on Extra Pages for the Book, such as the "About the Creator" Page, and the Image for the Last Page of the Book, etc. When those are done and resized then I'll begin putting the Book together to be Self Published on Lulu. I'll also be Proofing it before I release it. So, after this Chapter is done the next Update will be a Ad or Plug for the Book, along with Contest Details for hopefully a "Spring / Summer Contest".

Fun Times Volume 1 will be a Self Published Paperback Book that will be available on Lulu. I am going to be putting a lot of Care and Love in this Book, making sure the Pages are Full Color, the Bleed reaches the end of the Page, and each Page is straight and neat and that the Book is Refined. I'd prefer to do this unrushed so I can be focused more on the quality of the Book.

Also, there is a slight Style Change on these two Pages. There is a bit of Shading on Antannae and Zink to add demention. I'm trying to add more details on the Pages, I add a little as I learn more here and there. I'm also trying to make my Pages more interesting but I'm only drawing what's in my head so I need to learn and study more. I'd love to go to SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) and get my Bachelors in Comic Art and possibly go back later to get my Masters of Fine Art in Comic Art but I'll never be able to afford to do that. I mostly hide it but I have alot of insecurities about my Art and think I'll never be good enough to live my Dream of being a Comic Artist. So, any and all Support I get, I truly appreciate. Stay Tuned for more! <3

Lastly go back a Page, since this is a Two Page Update!
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