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Page 69
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17th Dec 2018, 9:38 AM
Fun Times has Updated, Page 69 is Out! Who is Dragor and why is he being a jerk to Antannae? Keep Reading!

So, I just realized that today I've hit my 71st Page! Any Kind Comment I've ever gotten, all the Giftart I've received from friends, and Words of Encouragement is what got me here and I Thank You All for the Support. No matter how small or how great, any and all Support means a lot! I can't stress this enough. :)

I know I may sound like a Broken Record but once I reach 80 Pages, which is not too far away, Fun Times will be on Hiatus to Work diligently on getting Fun Times Volume 1 in Print! When the Copy is Proofed I will Update with the Summer Contest Details and how you can WIN a Free Copy of Fun Times Volume 1! Keep a Look out For that!

Also, Jump Forward to the Next Page because I'm Posting Two Pages today!
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