FUN TIMES - Page 68

Page 68
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in Meeting New Friends

17th Dec 2018, 9:38 AM
Fun Times has Updated, Page 68 is Out! Antannae Meets someone New, are they friend or foe? Keep Reading to Find out!

So I figure a Proper News Post is in Order. I will Probably try to Reboot my Patreon Soon. I've been depressed because I literally have 0 Patrons and can't get anyone interested in Supporting my Art. I will admit, I slacked off of Updating it awhile but it's just really disappointing when you can't get anyone interested. But when I get a chance I will try again Soon. My Patreon Link is on the Comic's Front Page. If you can, Please give it a look.

After this Chapter, Fun Times Volume 1 will begin it's Print Run. I'll be Working on get it ready for Publication and Proofing it. It will be available on Lulu. The reason I'm reminding you all again is because there may be a Summer Contest, if the 80 Page Book is out by then. That's what I'm aiming for! I'll let you know more Details when I know the Book is Ready. So Please Keep a Look Out.

Thanks for Reading and Supporting the Comic!
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