FUN TIMES - Fun Times Q & A Ending

Fun Times Q & A Ending
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17th Dec 2018, 9:38 AM
Fun Times Updated Early this Week! The Ending of the Fun Times Q and A is here. Hopefully I can do another one soon.

I went ahead and Updated Early because it was the Last Page to this Chapter and it's been done awhile so why not Post it right?

Another Chapter will Begin soon! I've Penciled the Cover Page and First Page of the Next Chapter so I've Began Work on the Next Chapter. Please Keep in Mind that I'm trying to Start a Buffer and Build Up More Pages so another Update might be slow to come for a bit. This is a 13 Page Chapter and New Characters will be Introduced and also I need to Order New Inking Pens so I ask that you Please be Patient on a New Page going up.

When I do Update, it will Probably be a Multiple Page Update and I might even Update with Every Page all at once so just Keep in Mind that I am Working on Fun Times and there will be an Update soon!

Also, When this Chapter ends, I'll be Working on getting Fun Times Volume 1 in Print and Working on the actual Book. So Keep a Lookout for that! Thanks for the Support and Stay Tuned! :)
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