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Page 53
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17th Dec 2018, 9:38 AM
Fun Times has Updated, Page 53 is Out! Antannae and Zink Investigate the Portal, why do you think they feel a Connection with it? Keep Reading!

Just a Reminder that after this Chapter, the Fun Times Q and A will be Up Next! So if you haven't already Submitted a Question, there is still time to! You can DM Me a Question or leave one in a Comment below and I'll answer in the Comic!

I wanted to do another Halloween Story this Year but since it took me so long to redo Fun Times, I'll probably just Update with a Halloween Page this Year. I do have a few ideas for a Story so maybe Next Year won't be so hard on me.

I've actually been struggling with low energy and low motivation which is a Side Effect of Depression. It's always harder on me in the Fall and Winter Months. There is so much I want to Work on for Fun Times. I'd like to Start the Patron Only Fun Times Storyline, Start a Comedy Sketch of Fun Times on Instagram, and a lot more. But Depression just sucks the life out of me and I never feel like Starting it. I'm probably going to have to up the dose of my antidepressant. Hopefully that will help and I can get to Work.

I do Appreciate any and ALL Support I get for the Comic. Stay Tuned! :)
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