FUN TIMES - Page 47

Page 47
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in The Cave

17th Dec 2018, 9:38 AM
Hello, Everyone! Fun Times has Updated, Page 47 is Out! Zink Tells Antannae about his Hideout! What will they Find there? Keep Reading!

This Page has also been Completely Re Drawn, Re Inked, and Re Colored! I wanted to try something Different so I did Circular Panels. Just Playing with Formatting. Hope you like it!

So, I've been Editing Fun Times trying to Save Myself a bit of Work for My Break and I've Re Done the Cover for Fun Times! It's no longer Black and White and is now In Color like the Rest of the Comic!

Also I Cut the First 10 Pages because they really didn't fit into the Story and the Art was pretty bad. I also think it Reads better. However, I'm Currently Re Writing and Sketching them out so they will Hopefully be more Story Driven and will fit in nicely. So I'll be Re Adding them and YES they will be in the Book. And Hopefully Drawn a lot better!

After this Chapter, there will be a Fun Times Q and A and then we will be going on Break to Edit and get Fun Times Volume 1 in Print! If you still want to be Updated while I'm on Break just Follow My Twitter @MichiruHaycraft!

Thank You All for the Support and Stay Tuned!
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