FUN TIMES - Chapter 7 Cover

Chapter 7 Cover
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in The Cave

17th Dec 2018, 9:38 AM
Hello, Everyone! Fun Times has Updated with a New Chapter & Cover! We hope you Keep Reading to Find Out what happens!

Also, it will be awhile before we Reach Page 80 but I wanted to Prepare you all that when we do Reach Page 80, it may be whenever we Reach the End of whatever Chapter we're on but we'll be going on Hiatus for awhile.

Why? The Main Reason is to Work on the Print Process of Fun Times Volume 1 and get it Ready for Book Form. I'll be going back Editing, Fixing and Redrawing Old Pages getting them Ready to go in the Book.

I want this Book to be as good and as Perfect as Possible so I'll need a Break from Updating the Comic awhile to keep My Sanity and to make sure the Book will Look good also. If you have ANY Suggestions about something you want in the Book...leave a Comment Below or PM it to me. Whichever you prefer. :)

Remember, this Hiatus won't happen until we Reach around 80 Pages (That's how thick the Book will be.) but just keep in mind that there will be a Hiatus where I can Work on the Book and Recharge!

When the Book has been through a Test Print and is Ready to Sell I will Update you all and Fun Times Updates will Start Back! So Please Keep a Look Out! Thanks for the Support and Stay Tuned! :D

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