FUN TIMES - Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!
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17th Dec 2018, 9:38 AM
Hello, Everyone! It's Christmas Day! Wanted to say Happy Holidays and I hope you are with People that Love you and you have Good Food and you are Warm.

And for the ones that are Depressed, Lonely, and Struggling to make it. Keep Fighting and I Love You All! I know it can be hard on the Holidays.

Also, here are Antannae and Zink in Human Form, having a Snow Ball Fight! Not sure if their Human Form will be in the Actual Story but thought I'd show you all atleast. And a Shout Out to Amalockh of Comic Fury who Writes Armless Amy, his Fan Made OC Green is in the Last Panel! He's so Cute! :3

The Fun Times Storyline will Resume on January 1st! Thanks for being Patient! Stay Tuned!
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Happy Holidays!

24th Dec 2015, 6:55 AM edit delete reply

Happy Holidays Jak! Thank You for Reading and Supporting Fun Times! It means a lot that you care and you're so Supportive. Even if it's in a small way, I'm grateful. Thanks for being a good new friend. I'm glad I met you. :) *Hugs*

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