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Merry Christmas
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17th Dec 2018, 9:38 AM
Wanted to take this time to Wish you all Happy Holidays and / or a Merry Christmas, whichever you're more comfortable with. :)

I've accomplished a bit this year. I'm more Healthy this year Mentally, I've been able to Launch My First Webcomic and I get to tell My Stories and Share them with My Readers and My Comic Fury Family and Friends! It's been such a Great experience Sharing My Art and Stories and Geeking out over Art with all of you Wonderful Creative People! I hope to stay Healthy and Share many more with you all!

Also, I'm Currently Working on the Cover for the Printed Version of Fun Times Vol 1. I'm trying to decide when I should Share it. But at some Point you all WILL get to see it! Hang in there!

Furthermore, I will be Uploading another Strip on Christmas Eve! Antannae and Zink have a Snowball Fight! Also you get to see them in their Human Form, which is rare.

Thank you all for the Laughs, the Kindness, and the Support! I Look Forward to Sharing more with you all in 2016! Stay Tuned! <3
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