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Happy Thanksgiving
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17th Dec 2018, 9:38 AM
Ok, Posting this here in case anyone Revisits My First Page. I have Re Opened Comments From Comic Fury on the Comic's Site! The C Box is at the VERY Bottom of the Page, so if you all still want to use that, you can.

I also have a Disqus Comment System so if you're on there it will help get the Word out about Fun Times! Someone pointed out to me I may not be getting a ton of Comments because they were Disabled and they didn't want to Sign Up to Disqus. But all Options are there now. So just wanted to say that.

Also hope you all are Enjoying the Holidays and Happy Thanksgiving! Fun Times will also be Updating on Christmas Eve! I've filled up one entire Sketchbook with Fun Times Comic Pages and I'm Halfway on another Sketchbook! So I've got a good Buffer going for Fun Times! There will be PLENTY to Update with when Fun Times Returns January the 1st! Stay Tuned and Thanks for the Support!
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Yay! It works :D

Hope you have a fabulous holiday and I look forward to seeing more when you return at the beginning of the year.

Edit: Oh wait, I only have to wait until Christmas eve. Sweet!


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Hope you have an Excellent Holiday as well! And Thank You! I'm glad you're enjoying it so far! :D

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