FUN TIMES - Page 19

Page 19
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in Antannae and Zink Meet

17th Dec 2018, 9:38 AM
Hello, Everyone! Fun Times has Updated, Page 19 is Out! Antannae and Zink have their first talk.

This Page was Created in Photoshop Elements! It's My First Digital Page so go easy on Me. D: I know there are a few things off, such as Antannae should really be Blue instead of Black. I will Probably go back and fix this Later.

I am going to Disable Comments because I have a C Box Below on the Comic Site so if you want to leave a Comment, Please use the C Box from now on!

I will be Releasing a Black and White 4 Page Halloween Gag after THIS Chapter! Then we will be going on a One Month Break!

Yes that's right, Starting in December Fun Times will be on a One Month Break and we will Start Updating Again in January with Chapter 3. December is usually a Busy Month for Me. I have to Visit Family, Visit Friends and I'm mostly just running around a lot.

And with that December is usually a rough time for me due to Depression. So I plan to Recharge My Batteries, Rest, Get More Pages Drawn, Write, etc. So I'll be Working on Fun Times Behind the Scenes and we WILL be back January the 1st!

I will try to Write a Blog on this Later. Stay Tuned and Thanks For Reading!
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