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17th Dec 2018, 9:38 AM
Hey Realm Hoppers, #FunTimesComic has Updated! Luna has now Transformed into Lunacy, what will the Team do now? Part One of 'Meeting Luna' has concluded.

This was redrawn from a Drawing I did in 2008 with the Original Color Palette I had chosen and when I Created it in 2008 I also Posted it on my Old deviantART Account which sadly got Deleted Due to Depression Issues.

I had Originally called Lunacy's Horse a 'Nightmare' because she was Created from the Night Sky and is a Female Horse, thus 'Night' and 'Mare' which Created Nightmare.

Now, I have no hard evidence or material proof of course but the 2012 3D Animated 'Rise of the Guardians' Movie also had a 'Nightmare' in it. And if the 'Nightmare' wasn't in the Books that the Movie is Based off of, I'm pretty sure it could be possible they took the idea from me. However, I've never read the Books so this could be my fault and purely coincidental. If that's the case, I apologize to them. I'm just trying to defend my Art and Ideas and stand by them.

Also, I still to this day have the Original 2008 Drawing and I'm pretty sure one can get the Ink Tested to make sure it's over 8 Years Old.

After this Update, Fun Times will no longer be Updating on Comic Fury. It will instead be Updated at and on deviantART. I appreciate Comic Fury for giving me a home to Post my Comic when I had no Domain and I also appreciate the Feedback and Support I've gotten from them over the years. I just feel it's time to focus on branching out on my own and Upgrading to a Self Hosted Site. Also, it's been so hard Updating multiple Sites and getting up at 3 am and 5 am just to do that so I'd have a Page up on time.

I will Update the Comic Fury Site in the next few days with the 'MOVED!' Sentiment. The Site will Stay Up but will no longer be Updated.

I have to go to the Doctor's Next Week because I need my Medicine filled, etc. but after that I will be putting together 'Fun Times with Antannae and Zink' Volume Two. It will be a 60 Page Self Published Book and will be Available on Lulu like Volume One. I already have the Cover picked out and it will be a Size A5 also like Volume One. There will be a White Border around all Comic Pages. If you would like to Create Guest Art or Ask a Question for Fun Times to answer and put in the back of the book, there is still time to do so, and there will also be a Credits Page. If you want to Send Guest Art or a Question about Fun Times (and I'll Sketch out the answer) e-mail me at

After I Proof 'Fun Times with Antannae and Zink' Volume Two, there will be a Contest on the Fun Times deviantART Group. Details about the Contest will go up on dA sometime in either the Fall or Winter after I know the Books been Proofed.

After the Contest Fun Times will be on Hiatus to Build a Buffer, Sketch Thumbnails, and Write for Full Pages AND Bloopers. I would like to get at least a 100 Page Buffer for both Full Pages AND Bloopers. Please give me this time to Draw, Write, and Work Hard on Improving my Comic. During that time I will NOT be on Flight Rising at all until Updates have Started again. Thanks for the Support and Stay Tuned for further Updates.
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