FUN TIMES - Happy Valentine's Day 2018!

Happy Valentine's Day 2018!
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17th Dec 2018, 10:38 AM
Rainbow Blue Loves Our Fans and Supporters!

Happy Valentine's Day! :D

Apologies this is Late, I've been helping my mom feel better 'cause she been in a lot of pain due to a tooth. It's a bit better for now tho.

This is actually a 'Revision' of the First Valentine's Day Page. It actually showed me that, yes, I am slowly improving. :3

I have NOT forgotten about redoing the Latest Page in Color and I will Upload it once it's done, but I'm letting you know I haven't forgot.

Thanks for all the Support / Views! <3
4 - 30 - `18 - Hey guys! Sorry that I'm just getting around to Posting this. Life has been crazy, but I won't get into that.

I've FINALLY gotten a New Laptop. Been trying to get my Files, etc. back on my Computer. I've also been Working on the Latest Page of Fun Times (The Full Color Version) I've Uploaded Process Shots on Instagram but I might take a better Photo and Upload the Inked Version in the Author Notes. It's not been Colored yet but it should be Soon. Thought I'd Update you all since it's been awhile! Thanks for Hanging in there!
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