FUN TIMES - Page 107

Page 107
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17th Dec 2018, 9:38 AM
Fun Times has Updated, Page 107 is Out! Will Luna help Antannae and Zink? Keep Reading! - Temporary Change in the Comic!

I've had so much trouble with this Page that you wouldn't believe it. I'm Primarily a Traditional Artist, but I've done Digital Art for a long time so I'm out of practice. Due to my Desktop not being reliable, which is where my main files are...I've had to start Working with the Traditional Medium, which I need to anyway cause I'm out of practice.

I'm a bit rusty on mixing colors to get the right color / mood so I'm practicing Traditionally with doing Black and White Pages until I get better with colors. I did this Page with Faber-Castell Pens that are especially for Black and White Art / Shading, etc. I really like them. The Change is only Temporary until I get better with Colors, etc.

I will probably go back and redo these Pages once the Comic is Finished but I'd still like to Archive my Black and White Art / Pages too cause I like it, so far.

I spent 21+ hours on this Page trying to get it right. So rusty.

Sorry I haven't Updated, I've been just so busy. Hopefully there will be another Update Soon? Stay Tuned!
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