FUN TIMES - Page 104

Page 104
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in Meeting Luna

17th Dec 2018, 9:38 AM
Fun Times has Updated, Page 104 is Out! Antannae and Zink give Luna and the Team the Lowdown on all that's happened. Will Luna Join the Team and help them Track Dragor? Keep Reading!

I should Inform you all that...after Part One of this Chapter, which is what we're on now, I might possibly have enough Pages to Start Work on getting Volume 2 in it's Printing Process! So Keep a Lookout for News on that!

Since I'm Working so hard on "Blood Child" and Most of All "Fun Times" I don't really have any free time to do Inktober or 24 Hour Comic Day so I'll include this as Part of Inktober.

Fun Times should Update, as long as my Computer Turns On. I'm Dedicated to my Comic. <3 Thanks for Support and Stay Tuned!


Hello, Realm Hoppers! As you can see, I've Completely Overhauled the Layout. This is because I've been Working Diligently to get my Graphics, Sites, etc to Coordinate Back to One Another.

Also because the Main Storyline in Fun Times is about Beargods so I wanted the Site to Reflect that. I still need to Work on the Links Page, and Work on getting my Links Up where Fun Times is Available. But I need to Think how I want it Fixed. But if you see my "Signature" Bear Icon, you know you're on my Site.

That and when I get to the Beargod World in Fun Times, it may be Sepia Toned to reflect the Mood of the World.

Fun Times Should Update Saturday if my Computer Turns on. I know I said I need a Break but I Love my Comic and want to Finish it. I also need to realize that if you want to Show people you're Dedicated to your Art and Stories, then you need to Work. See You Soon!
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