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17th Dec 2018, 9:38 AM
Heeeey Realm Hoppers! Technically, there is no Update this Week because I'm Working on a Buffer, but I've actually Long Reached 1,000 Views on my Comic so I decided "Better Late, than Never" to Post a Proper "Thank You" to all the Viewers!

All the Comments, Feedback, Likes, etc I've Received means a lot to me and even if you're Silent and you Read or View Fun Times that means a lot to me too. It lets me know people are Watching me grow as an Artist. That's all I could ever hope for. :)

This Page of Luna was Sketched by my Best Friend / Sister Katie. She gave me Explicit Permission to Edit / Post this Sketch. We actually have Pieces of Art we "Share" and often Collaborate. So Please, Do Not Post this.

Sorry it took me so long to Post this. I'm Trying to Improve on Posting "Thank Yous", etc!

Also, Regarding Fun's Currently on Hiatus because I am Building a Buffer for this Chapter. I Currently have 14 Pages Penciled and Ready to Ink. One Page has already been Inked.

When I receive my Sketchbooks I Ordered I'll be getting Pencils Down for the rest of the Pages. I'll Update my Blog for that.

I do have to go to the Doctor Tomorrow Tuesday, but as Soon as I get home and relax I'll Start Penciling Pages if I have my Sketchbooks. Thank You for the Support!
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