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Book News!

21st Oct 2017, 5:02 PM | Michiru

'Aaaaaayy Realm Hoppers! It's been too long since I've Updated this Blog, so sorry about that! If you don't already know, Fun Times Volume 1 has been Self Published on! It's an 80 Page, Full Color, Paper Back Book. It's Size A5 and smells nice, so if you haven't already you can pick up a Copy HERE! I'm pretty Proud of it and Worked so Hard on it. And actually it's almost Time for Volume 2 to get Self Published. What I've Decided for Volume 2 is that Pages will have a White Border along the Edges. This is how most Comics and Graphic Novels are so, while I do Love Bleeds...I'm going to try Borders. I will be Working Diligently to make sure all Borders are Straight on Pages, etc. I've also figured out the Cover for Volume 2 as well! But for now I'm Keeping it Offline, I'll Reveal it Soon tho. And Lastly Volume 2 will be 60 Pages. I would Like to Hold a Winter Contest this Year for Volume 1 and / or 2 buuuut I'm not sure anyone is Interested really and I'm also not sure if I can Work that hard yet. We'll have to see!

I know you all may have Noticed that Fun Times has gone through a few Site Overhauls, so sorry if that confused any Viewers but I'm pretty sure that I've Decided on a Theme for the Fun Times Sites, which is the Bear because that's what the Main Storyline is about. I do have New Bear Headers to Finish and get Posted but hopefully after that I will be fully Content with my Sites. I also Love Bears, which is why they are in my Stories so if you see any of my Signature Bear Headers / Icons you'll know you're probably on my Site.

Also, I'm going through a Personal Issue and as a result my Computers been on the Fritz and going off...and staying off. So just a PSA that if I ever miss an Update, that's why. I'm Dedicated to Updating my Webcomic but there is sometimes the Computer's Unpredictable so just Keep that in Mind.

Anyway, sorry that it takes me awhile to Update My Blogs. I actually like Blogging About my Art / Comics, etc. it's just I naturally Work Slow and sometimes I foget what I want to say. And if you're interested Fun Times WILL Update on Christmas Day. I have a Page thought out so Keep a Look Out for that! Truly any Comments, Favs, Likes I get means a lot and I appreciate any Support I get. Stay Tuned for More! heart


 Sincerely, Michi~

Overdue Update!

12th Oct 2016, 11:48 AM | Michiru

Hello, Everyone! Wow, it's been a long time since I've written a Blog. I tried keeping it Updated but fell behind! Apologies for that. Update should go up this Friday. I'm thinking about changing the Update Time from 8 AM Central to NOON Central. This is because it's hard getting up at 5 AM to Update. If I do Update at Noon, that way I could get more sleep and wake up feeling like Updating. So, that's just something I've been thinking about for awhile. Also, the Fun Times Introduction along with More Pages has COMPLETELY been Redone. The Introduction is more Storydriven and the Art looks alot better. Don't forget to check those Pages out! I'm working on a 80 Page Prologue for Fun Times and I have 10 Pages ready to be Inked. I'm still writing more of them so when they're all written I'll finish drawing them. Just an Update that yes, I'm still working on getting the Book ready. I still haven't Published 80 Pages of Fun Times, so I'm waiting for that mark and I'm thinking of what else to put in the Book since I'd like some extra content in there. The Book will happen, I'm just waiting to hit that mark! If anything changes I'll keep you Updated on that.

I also will be Starting a Poll soon. Just to get everyone's take on a few things. Keep a look out! I'm thankful for all the Comments, Favs and Likes. Thanks for the Support! Stay Tuned.

Fun Times Is Returning Jan 1st!

21st Dec 2015, 5:17 PM | Michiru

Hello, Everyone! It's been awhile since I've last Updated, so thought I'd Post One. First off, it's coming near the end of our Hiatus. January 1st is approaching us rather quickly, with that Fun Times will Begin a New Chapter! I've gotten two Sketchbooks filled with Content, we will be getting into Heavy Story Content which I'm Super Excited about! Also, I've gotten the Book Cover done for Fun Times Volume 1 it just needs to be Proofed, which I'm Procrastinating on but I will get to it Soon. After that I will be Sharing it with you all, so keep an eye out for that!

Also, Fun Times has a Main Site on WordPress Now! I may be getting a Domain for it soon, so keep a look out for that also! And I LOOOOVE getting Giftart of Fun Times so I've Created a Site for Fun Times Extras as well! Be sure to keep a Check on those Two Sites as they will be Updated when I get New Content! Lastly, don't forget, Fun Times will be Updating on Christmas Eve AND Christmas Day with Two Different Christmas Pages! Happy Holidays and See You Soon! Thanks for the Support!

December Hiatus Coming Up!

16th Oct 2015, 3:15 PM | Michiru

Hello, Everyone! Wanted to Update you on a few things! I know I've mentioned it before but I wanted to make an Official Blog Post about it! There will be a 4 Page Black and White Halloween Gag AFTER Chapter 2!  It will also be a Part of Inktober. But with the way the days fell it will be out in November. After the Wrap Up of Chapter 2 and the Halloween Special Fun Times will be going on a One Month Hiatus Starting in December! However we WILL Update on Christmas Day with Art. If I find the time. I'm usually busy during the Holidays because I'm visiting Family and Friends and I'm just running around a lot in General and also My Depression tends to be hard on me this time of Year, so I need that time to relax and rest and have a little time for myself to just breathe. DO NOT WORRY - Fun Times will be back in January! During My Hiatus I will be Drawing Pages, Writing, etc., so I will still be Working on Fun Times! In January we will kick things off with Chapter 3! :D

Hopefully Next Year I will be able to be more active and I can Update in December with a Christmas Story! But that depends on how many Pages I Produce over the Hiatus and also if I'm Healthy Mentally so we'll see! Also DON'T FORGET when we reach 80 Pages and the end of that Chapter we'll be on Hiatus then to get Volume 1 of Fun Times Printed and I'm also thinking when they're Printed we'll be doing an Art Contest For you all to get a Chance to win Free Fun Times Books! So, exciting things coming up soon! Thank You All For the Continued Support! It means a lot! <3

Fun Times Milestone

17th Sep 2015, 10:40 AM | Michiru

Hello, Everyone! It's been awhile since I last Updated so I thought now would be a good time to do that. I've been Working very hard on Fun Times. I've been staying up late to get more Pages Drawn. I've also been Scripting and Writing. I'm happy to say that I have 60 Pages of Fun Times Drawn and Working on Drawing more! While they aren't Posted yet that's still a pretty cool Milestone, especially if it's your first Web Comic. To Celebrate this, when I Publish all 80 Pages I will be taking a Hiatus to Work on getting Fun Times Volume 1 Printed. I've been slowly Working Details out in my head and will start trying to Prepare to get things Checked off my List so I can get it Printed. So PLEASE keep a lookout for News on that!

Also, I put a "Donate Button" on the Fun Times Site, so if you can't afford Patreon, you can Donate whatever Amount you want and leave it at that. Any money I earn through the Donate Button will go toward Funding for Fun Times Own Web Site and Domain and getting the Comic Printed. Basically anything I need for the Production of Fun Times. The Web Comic is Free, it's just an Option if you want to Support it! So keep that in mind. :)  I do intend to Post Photos of Anime Blues but it will Probably be Posted on my Main Web Site, but right now I'm kinda being lazy and haven't had time. LOL! XD Thank you for reading Fun Times and Thanks for the Support! Chelle over and out!